Testimonials for our educational training

26 April 2024

Here are some testimonials from emerging and established leaders in architecture, Passive House design and engineering who have successfully completed Sustainable Engineering’s training courses. Find out about our current training courses here.

Testimonials for Supercharge your DesignPH skills

“Without a doubt I feel more capable now I’ve taken this class. There were so many little items within the designPH main dialog that I didn’t know existed. Having the course online made it a lot more accessible. I liked the ongoing homework and how it built.
—Dimas Rodriguez, Oculus






“The course did a great job of complimenting the CEPH courses: if CEPH was the theory, this was more practical. I wanted to find a workflow where I can try different options quickly and this has ticked the box. Insight into what is the best workflow for Passive House design was as useful as what I learned about using designPH.
—Murray Robertson, Robertson Architects






“I really appreciated Jason’s open teaching style—and also his absolute command of the tools, it was great to experience. Seeing the whole process live from end to end was the most useful thing. I absolutely feel more capable now. Until this class, I was a little intimidated by the software but it helped me progress a lot. I’m now much more inclined to use designPH as the vehicle for data entry [into PHPP].”
—Paul Mulder





“I definitely feel more capable and efficient now, having done this course. I enjoyed it and found it exceedingly useful. I’ve already used the videos and lecture slides to refer back to many times.The QA checklists and the structure that Jason’s created for working in Sketchup were the most useful parts of the course for me. I’d previously felt lost with no lists or process to follow. But I’m glad that I had already used DesignPH and PHPP extensively before doing this course, as it helped me understand the content.
—Robyn Ryan, Oculus





“I have learned a lot! I do feel much more capable of doing the whole process and will now do most of my PHPP work in designPH. It is incredibly valuable to have the lecture recordings to go over.”    -Catherine Ford, Potential Architecture