Certifier scope of service guidance a helpful read Free resource from the Passivhaus Trust

15 October 2023 by Jason Quinn

The Passivhaus Trust, the UK’s industry body, has published an excellent guide to where the roles and responsibilities sit during Passive House design, construction and certification stages. It’s worth reading. In my experience, good communication is THE most important part of a successful working relationship between designer and certifier. The guide clearly explains the stages and who needs to call who when. It’s worth getting your head around it now rather than learning the hard way in the middle of a project going pear-shaped.

Note that the New Zealand Passive House community—and Sustainable Engineering’s team of certifiers—use different terms to the Brits to describe the different stages of certification. Here is a translation: 

Initial review pre-submission review
Design review  pre-construction review
Construction review seldom a thing, only on larger projects or if drawings change mid-construction
As-built assessment final construction review

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