Yes! MBIE action on climate change for building sector

3 July 2020 by Jason Quinn

Excited to see the release of the MBIE Building for Climate Change programme

Finally, it’s been published. This company has been working on better buildings to address climate change since 2011 and MBIE’s announcement today is definitely causing celebration in our office.

It’s a party to celebrate the beginning of something big: a stepwise improvement in the Building Code to move NZ to nearly zero-carbon buildings. Think Passive House, made with low carbon materials. We may end up calling it a different name by the time we celebrate achieving this goal, but regardless of terms, building performance will be at a Passive House level.

Congratulations to us all… now let’s get to work.

“A significant amount of New Zealand’s carbon emissions come from the building and construction sector. If we’re serious about reducing emissions and reaching Carbon Zero by 2050, we need a bold plan to address this,” Jenny Salesa says.

Graphic from MBIE’s document Building for Climate Change: Transforming the Building and Construction Sector to reduce emissions and improve climate resilience.

—Jason Quinn

3 July 2020

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