04 April 2019 Scoop Media World Allergy Week: Why healthy homes are important

4 April 2019 by Jason Quinn

“Many homes in New Zealand are cold and damp, which creates the perfect environment for asthma and allergy triggers such as mould. To help reduce this impact during the colder winter months, it is essential to create a warm, dry and pollution free environment.”

So another way to put this is healthy homes prevent asthma attacks and as ~12% of New Zealanders have Asthma at a cost of about $7 Billion NZD per year or $1500 dollars per year for every person in NZ. Not having to go to the Emergency Room with you child is likely worth even more.

“Epidemiological studies also suggest that ongoing exposure to damp, mouldy buildings can worsen asthma symptoms in adults and children, increasing the risk of an asthma flare-up.”

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