07 February 2019 RNZ: Passive houses: warm, dry and sustainable, so why not more?

7 February 2019 by Jason Quinn

“If you just take Passive House technologies and just smack (them) into a building without doing modeling and knowing how it’s going to work you can actually cause some problems”

“You don’t waste the energy by throwing it out the windows but just opening windows or exhaust fans you actually can recover it by moving it through the heat exchanger.”

Listen to interview here.

I really enjoyed meeting Kathryn Ryan and being on Radio New Zealand. Wish I’d spoken a bit slower but I was very excited. Next time I’ll spend more time on retrofitting to Passive House and how prefabrication and education could scale Passive House to meet all of NZ’s building needs.

Also forgot to take a photo – maybe next time.

Original article by RNZ.

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