08 May 2019 Science Media Centre Expert Reactions: NZ Zero Carbon – NZ now needs policies making new homes Passive House

The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill, designed to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to under 1.5C over the next 30 years, was introduced to New Zealand Parliament on 8th of May, 2019.
Science Media Centre sought expert response:
Associate Professor Ivan Diaz-Rainey, Climate and Energy Finance Group, University of Otago, comments:
“What we need now are policies. Policies that will start putting PV on rooftops despite the howls of protest from the large ‘gentailors’; policies making new homes passive homes; policies ensuring more of us drive EVs and that we don’t import petrol and diesel vehicles that the rest of the world is offloading because they are switching to EVs. The Bill provides a structure for allocating emissions budgets which is very important, but without associated policies those budgets will be embarrassing fictions in the years to come.”
Read more at Science Media Centre.

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