19 November 2018 The Green List’s The Fern: These Redfern apartments will change your life, and save a motza

19 January 2019 by Jason Quinn


“Even for supposedly sustainable houses and apartments.
The rating tools are good he says, but their problem is “too much greenwash”, not enough post-occupancy evaluation, and an almost “criminally” low standard of compliance.
Result? (And he’s seen this with his own eyes) clients in highly rated green housing call the architect after they’ve moved in to say they are boiling in summer and freezing in winter. Leaves blowing in under closed doors. Electricity bills of $1500 a quarter are not unusual. Bigger houses have even steeper bills. “

“Oliver says he and his family recently moved out of a two-year-old apartment that had black mould growing inside the windows because condensation and thermal bridging hadn’t been managed.”

“These apartments will be like a dream to live in, he says: pretty much no noise, no pollen, no dust and no bills. Just a clean, fresh, quiet place to relax….The pollen-free home will be a godsend for allergy sufferers. So will the ability of the air filtration system to remove the toxic dust particles from car brakes and other pollutants.”

Content by The Green List.

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