06 April 2018 Superhome Movement’s April Newsletter

6 April 2018 by Jason Quinn
At the request of the Superhome Movement, Sustainable Engineering Ltd. has put together a technical proposal to build the mathematical model underlying the cool Superhome housing performance dashboard.


“Superhome housing performance dashboard project is gathering momentum and the project team is coming together. This is a really big task with lots of research input as well as technical and IT involvement. This evidence-based tool will demonstrate direct consequences of energy efficient design on our health, environment, and economic wellbeing. It is a world class tool that will be useful in all areas of the building, design and housing sectors and could guide changes to the building code. We have been actively working on funding and proposals have support from Ara, EECA, BRANZ, Christchurch City Council, Sustainable Engineering Ltd and others. We wish to invite those interested in the project to contribute and collaborate.”


Content by Superhome Movement

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