04 September 2018 Stuff’s Damian George and Thomas Manch: New rules proposed to bring rental homes up to adequate health standards

4 September 2018 by Jason Quinn

This is an excellent summary of the MBIE proposed discussion document and the options proposed. I know how bad NZ buildings can be in terms of basic moisture management and insulation but even the ‘high’ options seem inadequate to fix the problem entirely. These will certainly improve rentals but seem not able to actually make them warm healthy homes unless the tenants can afford significant amounts of heating.

We’ve pulled out a formatted table to make going through the document easier. Originally was going to be a summary of the Stuff article but ended up pulling most of it out of the MBIE document. See below.

Table of options summary by Sustainable Engineering Ltd. of MBIE Healthy Homes Standards discussion document.

Read more on this link.

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