04 September 2018 SunLive: Healthy Homes Proposals Made Public

5 September 2018 by Jason Quinn

I’m glad to see that this is finally out for public comment. Although this article focuses on Rental Housing I see these issues with owner occupied and brand new housing as well; And yes these are new homes built to meet NZ Building Code. The high performance building industry needs to comment as a whole on what will actually fix the health problems not just make rentals a bit less horrible.

Quote from Phil Twyford “Many rental homes are cold, damp, and mouldy which can contribute to a range of health issues including respiratory conditions, toxic reactions and allergies. Such illnesses can affect people’s employment and economic opportunities because they have to take more sick days, and affect children’s educational outcomes because they are off school more.”

The discussion document and an online survey are available at www.mbie.govt.nz/healthy-homes

Consultation is open for seven weeks with submissions closing at 6pm on Monday 22 October.

Read original article on this link.

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