2019 August 20 – Passive House Institute: More Passive Houses in Paradise

20 August 2019 by Jason Quinn
I was looking for several examples of apartment buildings on the PHI website when I came across this colorful interview of New Zealand’s Passive House champion Thomas van Raamsdonk.
When Thomas was asked ” What is the current situation? “
His reply was:
“To date, there are over 20 certified
Passive House buildings in New Zealand. Many more projects are underway or in the planning stage. There is even a social housing project in Dunedin, which is great progress because the government has now also become active.
However, overall progress has been too slow. Unfortunately, most people believe that energy efficient construction is too expensive. People here often do
not think in the long term and look
for the cheapest quick solution. “
Our company received a mention and link but you should read the interview for yourself:

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