2019 November 26 Otago Daily Times: Sustainable Communal Housing Requires Skill

26 November 2019 by Jason Quinn

This is a great short video of the co-housing project. If you watch closely you can see lots of construction details and products. My favourite Easter egg is the shot of the slab edge where you can see the domestic hot water central loop which is VERY well insulated.  Love the eHaus branded WRB as well. 

Although not mentioned this project is targeting Passive House Certification. When it is completed it won’t quite double the number of certified Passive Houses but it’ll be a big jump. Wish them luck.

“High Street’s super-insulated housing project is teaching contractors how to create structures that keep heat in and pollution out.

The co-housing project, being built by eHaus Otago, is expected to be completed in November next year.” (That’s November 2020.)

Otago Daily Times

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