2019 November 4 Architecture Now: In Focus: Building Smarter (Part Two)

4 November 2019 by Jason Quinn

This is the second in a series of articles put out by Prefab NZ. Good to see the references to performance, as well as off-site construction. I think prefabrication could significantly enable higher performance homes: better in terms of health, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, carbon and speed of construction.

“High-Performing Homes 

Building smarter can also mean building healthy, warm, dry, secure and insulated homes and urban environments. Ample sunlight, good air quality and low air moisture should all be standard practice. Not only should our homes nurture and protect us but these homes should be part of a built community environment that does the same.

In the future, it would be beneficial if more New Zealanders chose to build beyond the building code and incorporate sustainable and high-performing design and features into their homes. Various movements are changing the way we think about high-performing houses, such as the Passive House Institute New Zealand and Zero Energy House, … “

Read more on this link.

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