2019 September 26 New Zealand Legislation: Residential Tenancies (Healthy Homes Standards) Regulations 2019

26 September 2019 by Jason Quinn

A certain friend of mine from Canada pointed out to me late last week that the only exemption for requiring a fixed heater in the main living room-sized per the heating capacity calculator are Certified Passive House or certain Living Building Challenge buildings.


See the text from the act:
11 Exemption for certified passive buildings
(1) The main living room need not comply with regulation 8 if the tenancy building is a certified passive building.
(2) A building is a certified passive building if—
      (a) one of the following applies:
            (i)       the building has been certified as a passive house under the Passive House Standard of the Passivhaus Institut, Germany:
            (ii)      the International Living Future Institute has issued one of the following in respect of the building:
                      (A)   a Living Building Certification:
                      (B)   a Petal Certification that includes a heating related requirement:
                      (C)   a Zero Energy Certification; and
       (b) that certification has not lapsed, expired, been cancelled, or otherwise ceased to be in force.
This may not sound so vital to those building a single-family home but for multifamily buildings, this could be huge.

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