Every house a Certified Passive House by 2030

7 January 2020 by Jason Quinn


There are about 30,000 new houses a year currently built in New Zealand. In a decade, could they all be certified Passive House? I think it can be done but the biggest barrier won’t be money, construction materials or staff availability. It will be training.

Building a Certified Passive House is hard—the first time. Then once you’ve done a few, it becomes drastically easier. They cost the same over a 30- year mortgage period and are built with similar materials and skills. What’s missing is the specific training and time to develop that skill set on real projects.

I think we could overcome this barrier but we’d need to start now by laying out a clear path that we ARE going to hit Certified Passive House performance levels as a minimum requirement by … 2030. If we do that, then folks will invest in their training and learning but if we keep going on as we have been folks will keep on doing as they have done.

“…the NZ Green Building Council was predicting that by 2030 every new house would be zero-carbon and a certified Passive House.”

I wonder if this was misquoted because I can’t imagine NZGBC saying this. (I can imagine them saying that by 2030 all new homes will perform as well as a Certified Passive House.)

—7 Jan 2020

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