21 March 2019 Scoop: Coastal Home for Sale Provides the Best in Energy Efficiency

21 March 2019 by Jason Quinn

“A Beachlands house, the first Passive House Plus in New Zealand to be awarded a 10 Homestar built rating, has been put on the market for sale.Built in 2014, the four-bedroom/three living room modern house at 23 Reliance Crescent was designed to be one of the most energy-efficient in New Zealand.The two-storey, 270 square metre home on a level 860 square metre section is being marketed for sale at auction on April 9 by Bayleys Manukau salespeople Clare Nicholson and Clare Dower.”

“Low energy consumption lies at the heart of the Passive House standard, and adherence to this is achieved through incorporating extremely high levels of insulation, high performing windows, an airtight building envelope, mechanical heat recovery ventilation and careful design, which minimises thermal bridging.Other key features of the home include: over slab floating floor system, double-layer walls, low-e triple glazed PVC windows, high levels of insulation and airtightness, heat recovery balanced ventilation, rainwater harvesting with double filtration and UV treatment, and an electric car charger.”

“The owners have enjoyed living in the home, saying it is the best, most healthy, warm, comfortable home they have ever lived in. It has maintained a constant 20-23 degree temperature with little to no additional heating required, by recycling what is already produced in the home from the occupants and appliances. Even the steam from a hot shower will be recycled and warm the rest of the home.”

“BRANZ research shows the building code is universally mistakenly used as the target quality standard rather than a legal minimum. Code minimum does not present satisfactory levels of comfort, health and well-being, nor efficiency in regulating heat and energy consumption.”

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