25 October 2018 HVAC&R News’ Marc Vender: Mould Inquiry Calls for Tighter Building Standards

26 October 2018 by Jason Quinn


Australian buildings have very similar problems to New Zealand buildings.

They’re finding that mould is prevalent throughout their buildings because they don’t require designing to prevent mould in their building code. Because they don’t design cold spots out of the buildings or sufficient ventilation they have condendation and then mould in their buildings. And as we all know this causes health issues.

“Occupants may not open the windows for a variety of reasons including security, noise or keeping the rain out. This is why the internationally accepted solution is to have a continuous ventilation system, as regulated in the EU and US. Australia needs to catch up.”

“And we can’t upgrade the energy efficiency of the building envelope until we understand moisture-related issues and the interdependencies between thermal transfer and moisture accumulation.”

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