30 July 2019 News Talk ZB Meghan Lawrence: Tenants evicted after mould and damp complaints

30 July 2019 by Jason Quinn

“… over the next two months she discovered the damp and mould.

“The curtains were disgusting, they were rotten and mouldy. In all the bedrooms the walls are wet and there is mould on the [ceiling], windows and in the wallpaper,” she said.”

“On July 20 I was putting more bubble wrap on my bedroom windows and I decided to open the wallpaper that was coming off. I found black disgusting mould behind it.

“This could explain why my baby has a snuffly nose every single morning, my daughter has constant headaches, and we all wake up sneezing and with runny eyes,” she said.”

“Rental properties must … (be) … free from mould and dampness.”

It’s not a secret that if you complain your landlord will just terminate your lease. With a rental shortage in most NZ communities it’s understandable why people put up with moldy damp and cold homes.

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