31 October 2018 Architecture Now’s Justine Harvey and Camille Khouri: The Eco-Ethical House: Shotover House Case Study

1 November 2018 by Jason Quinn

We’d like to congratulate Certified Passive House Fesigner Guy Shaw on his elegant design of this passive house.

This elegant design easily met the certification criteria. We are particularly fond of the way the thermal envelope of the building is very simple but the external facade of the architectural looks very convoluted. This is an excellent way to combine the elegance of the engineering of a simple cube with the complex facade which also provides good shading to the building as well.

“In a passive house, it’s a no-brainer because you want balanced heat-recovery ventilation, which gives you efficiency as well as better air quality. In a normal house, you have a shower and, then, open a window and the heat from your shower is lost. With these systems, you keep the heat; it is recycled back into the system,”

“As long as the design is kept simple, creating a certified passive house should be economical”

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Link to Sustainable Engineering Ltd: Shotover Passive House Case Study

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