4 July 2019 NZ Herald: What it’s like living in a home with no insulation: Condensation, mould and large power bills

4 July 2019 by Jason Quinn
“Six months ago I moved house and didn’t think too much about the state of insulation and heating in our new rental home.
It was the middle of summer in humid Auckland and the 1950’s weatherboard house seemed to retain heat well.
The landlord enthusiastically pointed out the heat pump – while only briefly mentioning there was no insulation as we signed the contract.
Now that we are in the midst of winter, I wish I’d given more attention to this detail.”
“A month into cooler evenings and shivery mornings, insulation has become a much higher priority.
Each evening my partner and I dress in track pants, hoodies and slippers, and rug up on the couch with multiple blankets.
The heat pump has become an expensive life line, creating comfort but stressing the budget as our power bill rises by at least $60 a month.
The electric blanket on our bed makes our bedroom bearable, however, the pools of condensation on the windowsills and damp, mouldy patches forming in the corners of the ceiling point to a more serious problem.”
Crazy – even facing a fine and with easy access the landlord didn’t install insulation. How much more clear can ‘I don’t care’ be?
Content by NZHerald.

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