easyPH tool aims to simplify Passive House design

16 June 2024 by Jason Quinn

A new tool for Passive House designers aims to simplify the entry of data into the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) software. Called easyPH, the beta version is bundled with PHPP 10.6.

easyPH main worksheet

It’s hard to miss the bright pink main easyPH worksheet.

If coupled with modelling in designPH, easyPH will save a lot of time and should reduce stress for new Passive House designers, particularly if you review and follow the advice we’ve provided here. It won’t benefit experienced designers nearly as much. 

easyPH can only be used in the following, less complex circumstances.

  • New builds
  • One or two dwellings 
  • Single ventilation unit
  • Passive House Classic or Plus certification levels

easyPH starts with a single worksheet with a top-to-bottom checklist, which is a helpful guide for those not yet very familiar with PHPP. There are only eight sheets in total, compared to 40 in PHPP. Data can be entered manually or imported from designPH.

The certification process is well supported, with places for the designer and certifier to note when each section is completed and then reviewed. There are lots of helpful notes and links to databases etc built in. 

If you are submitting your design to Sustainable Engineering for certification, we recommend you use the databases we have compiled for thermal conductivity, window and glass. This will reduce the amount of  evidence you are required to submit. This saves admin time for both the designer and certifier and provides clarity and certainty.

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