Embodied carbon tools from NZ Green Building Council

22 May 2023 by Jason Quinn

The NZ Green Building Council undertook detailed consultation into what its clients needed to assess embodied carbon. It has released a suite of tools to assist with measuring, verifying and comparing embodied emissions in new buildings and major refurbishments. 

“The built environment, including infrastructure, contributes 20% of New Zealand’s emissions,” it notes on the release page. “Reducing embodied carbon is one of the greatest challenges faced by our industry. At around 9% of New Zealand’s carbon emissions, it’s also the second largest source of emissions in the built environment.”

It’s great to see this assembly of information. The Sustainable Engineering team has been using its own in-house PHPP add-on for embodied carbon for over a year. We know these tools are not the easiest things to develop—plus there is the challenge of keeping them up to date.

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