How to for healthy buildings from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

20 June 2019 by Jason Quinn
The below guides are from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and summarize and simplify the public health science into simple recommendations with links to peer-reviewed journal articles for building science geeks to dig into the research and technical details.
This first one focuses on your home and what you can do. I can quibble about a few points but good advice we should take to heart. I especially like the context of – ‘we spend one third or our lives in our bedroom’ and the environmental quality in that room can significantly impact our health and well being.
“The average person spends 65 percent of their entire life inside their home. Your home is your health. It’s that simple. Homes for Health is a project borne out of hearing the question – ‘How do I Make My Home a Healthy Home?’ “

Second guide focuses on nine different areas.

Third guide focuses on schools.

This report from “the Schools for Health team illuminate how the school building influences the student’s health, thinking and performance. The report incorporates findings from over 200 research studies and considers over 70 health outcomes related to school buildings.”

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