Peel Passive House have just published an Appliance Modelling Guide for Certified Passive House Projects

27 June 2019 by Jason Quinn
“This study explores the Canadian and European energy standards for household appliances that are modelled for Passive House compliance in PHPP for residential buildings. An excel tool PHPP Appliance Input Calculator has also been developed to help PHPP Users extract data from EnerGuide or ENERGY STAR appliance labels and calculate an input that can be used in the Electricity worksheet of PHPP.”
From the executive summary “As general guidance, appliance energy use should be changed in residential buildings only if planning or concept for efficient use of electricity exists, otherwise standard values already entered in PHPP should be used.”
For all the Passive House Certifications in New Zealand, and the ones we’ve been involved with in Australia, have simply used the default values for residential certification. Calculating the appliance  efficiency only makes sense if the designer does not want to use the built-in defaults from PHPP.
Digging into the translation between European standards and NZ and AU standards is going to be a HUGE job for someone. This guide is a huge leg up on what will be need to be done in NZ/AU.
Perhaps this will be a task that PHINZ can take on?

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