SEL provides PHPP support for PHINZ Free service if you purchased PHPP from PHINZ

20 December 2022 by Jason Quinn

Have you purchased the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) software from PHINZ and got stuck with some aspects of energy modelling using this tool?

PHINZ now has a PHPP support service available. PHINZ has contracted the Sustainable Engineering team to answer questions via email on PHINZ’s behalf. The questions and answers will also be compiled as a FAQ, which will be published on the PHINZ and Sustainable Engineering websites for everyone’s benefit.

Please note the following.

  1. This is a free service only for people who purchased PHPP from PHINZ.
  2. Please RTM [read the manual] first! It has most of the answers.
  3. This is a support email for the PHPP software—not for Excel. There are many excellent online resources for people who need to increase their generic Excel skills.
  4. This is a support email for PHPP not ECCHO. Please contact NZGBC for questions about ECCHO. 
  5. General Passive House design and certification questions are not in-scope either. The service is just for questions about how to use the PHPP software.
  6. The service is available only by emailing (Please don’t email the technical team at Sustainable Engineering directly, we will ask you to resend it to the support email address.)

This is a win-win-win situation, we have a LOT of PHPP expertise sitting in our team and we’re happy to have another opportunity to support the Passive House community in New Zealand.

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