SketchUp’s new release does not work with designPH 2.1 Hold off updating until designPH2.2 is released (it’s coming soon)

10 April 2024 by Jason Quinn

SketchUp 2024 is now available but if you are using designPH, please hold off on updating SketchUp until designPH2.2 is released! Otherwise you won’t be able to use designPH. 

PHI has been working on this but SketchUp didn’t tell them it was releasing 2024 until it had already happened. PHI’s testing of designPH v2.1.15a found that the change to Ruby 3 has caused a number of issues that make designPH v2.1 incompatible with SketchUp 2024.

Most of these issues have already been solved during the development of designPH v2.2, which is in the final stages of preparation. It will be released soon.

By the way, you can install SketchUp2023 if you have a SketchUp2024 licence. If you can’t find your installer etc, try emailing SketchUp support. I’ve found them to be pretty good.

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