(Thermally) break that steel Effective solution imported directly

19 September 2022 by Jason Quinn

Graeme Jacobs is the Director at Jacobs & Munro Architects Limited and he recently posted about an elegant solution his firm sourced in order to create a thermal break in a steel ridge. The walls and roof in this project are Formance SIP and the steel ridge beam is fully inside of the thermal envelope (as I’d recommend) … except where it pokes through.

Graeme posted to LinkedIn that, “We aim to minimise the steel in our projects but with the spans … and cathedral ceilings, some steel was required. We locate steel either inside or outside the thermal envelope but sometimes the steel needs to pass through it. This image shows such a situation and the bolted splice has a #thermalbreak between the two steel plates. We get the thermal breaks from Farrat and they provide a really great service, prompt delivery and all at a very reasonable price. So often we see steel in timber framing with no thermal break but with a bit of design this can be eliminated.”

If anyone knows of a local importer, let us know. Graeme ordered these direct from Farrat, a specialist engineering firm in the UK.

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