05 July 2018 Opinion’s Jessica Berentson-Shaw: KiwiBuild risks embedding wealth and housing inequalities

5 July 2018 by Jason Quinn

“It is feasible for people in government to ensure the next generation of children has more choice.Building standards need an overhaul. We are lagging behind other similar countries.Mr Twyford should be informed by open source energy-efficient housing systems like the passive house standard.It is a system that lends itself to prefabrication on a large scale, and has been used in the UK and Europe to improve wellbeing and overcome energy poverty.”

Passive House is cheaper than ‘standard’ construction if you heat and ventilate it and consider the running costs over typical mortgage terms. Plus we all as a society save on your healthcare costs. Plus it is worth more as a Certified Passive House with proof it won’t mould and is a durable structure. Plus it has clean fresh air all the time. Enough plus-ing; Reality is that Passive House is the least expensive housing (most economic is the engineering geek term) once you consider these real consequences and costs.

Do it once, do it right.

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