08 May 2019 Voxy; Poor air quality most likely during winter – Environment Southland

10 May 2019 by Jason Quinn
“As cold weather starts to bite, it’s also the time of year when people are most at risk from poor air quality.
Environment Southland air quality scientist Owen West said winter is the time when poor air quality is an issue in Southland, particularly in the urban areas of Invercargill and Gore, with home burners identified as the key cause.”
“From previous research we know that burning wood and coal for home heating contributes more than 90% of the airborne particulate matter we measure (PM10). It is this pollutant that has an impact on people’s health, especially those who are more susceptible to health complications, such as children, the elderly and others with respiratory conditions.”


You keep your home warm to stay healthy but then your elderly neighbors should stay inside so your wood smoke doesn’t make them sick. Cutting the amount of heating needed by 90% and switching to a heat pump would benefit everyone.

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