10 April 2019 Passive Houses in New Zealand: Let’s talk details

10 April 2019 by Jason Quinn

Scala Seminar Series

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Passive Houses in New Zealand: Lets talk details

by Jason Quinn
Director, Sustainable Engineering Ltd

Our performance based code is almost a myth in the practical world of acceptable solutions. If you design a building so it looks like the Acceptable Solution but performs as bad as you’re legally allowed to is that good? We can and should do better. Learn what has been built in high performance homes in New Zealand. Let’s review the three main construction systems used in the 24 certified Passive House buildings in New Zealand and some of the better (best?) practice details used in their construction.

Jason Quinn is the New Zealand Passive House certifier and one of the first PH designers in this country. He’s written a book about the urgent need to build better performing homes in New Zealand, arguing for an overhaul of the Building Code and a wider use of the Passive House standard. The book clearly explains what the PH standard is (and, isn’t) and why it’s relevant in this country. It also includes case studies of the 24 Certified Passive Houses already completed in New Zealand and a sample of the multi-unit or commercial projects currently being planned. It’s an attractively produced book, lavishly illustrated, and is an excellent resource for distributing to potential clients. It can be downloaded free of charge at www. warmhealthyhomes.co.nz. Image: Gemmill Lloyd house designed by Team Green Architects. Photo credit PHINZ.

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