2019 Passive House Academy: PHPP Expert (PHPP) – course cancelled may be held in 2020 at SPPHC in Sydney

10 April 2019 by Jason Quinn

Course is cancelled  – we’re considering offering in in conjunction with the SPPHC in Sydney in 2020 so please contact us if that would suit you.


What is the PHPP Expert Qualification? It is an “Additional qualification for Certified Passive House Designer/Consultants, to demonstrate competence in dealing with larger Passive House projects, including non-residential building, refurbishment, PHPP-sheets Variants and Comparison, designPH, BIM, thermal bridges.”

Jason Quinn will be teaching this class along with Dr. Kara Rosemeier of Passive House Academy.

“Your registration is conditional on these prerequisites being met. After registration, you have one week to sit online tests to demonstrate software prerequisites. Your registration will be accepted if you are successful in all tests. If you cannot demonstrate the required prerequisite skills, additional training (at cost) will be offered to you. Alternatively, a full refund of the course fee will be issued.”

Visit Passive House Academy for more details. No longer listed it is CANCELLED. 

The course will assume you are VERY familiar with PHPP and have completed at least one simple residential project through certification. Over the course of three days we will work through all of the learning criteria for the PHPP Expert Exam with a NZ and AU focus. To be clear the learning targets include the PHPP Basics but these are Prerequisites to taking the course and will not be covered in the course.

PHI Learning targets to be covered in the course include:

PHPP Advanced
Achieve an understanding how to enter more complex residential as well as non-residential buildings, how to enter retrofits and step-by-step retrofits and how to use the variant calculation concept to optimize the efficiency design of a project.

3D Data Entry into designPH
Achieve the capability to use designPH to set up 3D models of a building envelope, how to assign the correct component qualities and how to update the building model and export it to PHPP.

3D Data Entry into BIM
Achieve an understanding of how to set up 3D models of a building envelope in BIM authoring tools, how to assign component qualities to the model and how to export the building model to PHPP. –Note this is understand and BIM will be given only a short section.

Thermal Bridges
Understand the concept of thermal bridges, how to calculate them, how to set up a thermal bridge calculation in a 2-dimensional heat flow calculation tool and how to set up thermal bridge calculation models for specific connection details

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