11 July 2019 Stuff’s Colleen Hawkes: First Kiwi passive house: Seventh winter without heaters

12 July 2019 by Jason Quinn

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“Fresh air is delivered via a heat exchange system and a series of ducts in each room. Some of the ducts remove air and others deliver fresh air, which is warmed via the heat exchange system. “The air is completely recirculated six times an hour, and we have never had even one tiny speck of mould or mildew anywhere in the house, so it is also a lot healthier,”

“We have no heating or cooling in the house for most of the year,” says Ivanier. “The house is pretty much always 21 degrees 24/7. Last Saturday night (just before midnight) it was 7.5 degrees outside and 21.5 degrees inside the house.”

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