11 October 2018 Now To Love: Congratulations Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman – NEXT Woman of the Year 2018!

11 October 2018 by Jason Quinn

Our congratulations to Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman as well. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and hear her important research on the direct relation between really bad housing and bad health in children in New Zealand. The huge health care costs of choosing to build poor quality housing is shocking. And that is just the money never mind all the misery and life long social issues.

“It’s one thing to prove warm, dry homes save both lives and money – it’s another thing entirely to campaign for your research to become the new standard here, and then set your sights on the rest on the rest of the world!”

“Philippa is the very definition of an indefatigable talent who won’t stop until she’s improved the lives of as many people as she can.”

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