27 May 2018 Wanganui Chronicle – Home is where the heart(and the heat) is by Rachel Rose

27 May 2018 by Jason Quinn
I think the epic quote from this article could be paraphrased as  “Your brand new home might still be cold, damp, and bad for your health”. I think that’s a pretty epic statement – and unfortunately accurate. You just bought a brand new home and a few months later there is mould and the power bill is actually a bit higher than your old house. Not in every home but in many homes unfortunately.


It was a home most Aucklanders can’t even aspire to … a character-filled 1920s bungalow that opened into an 80s redesign by a “Very Famous Architect” that doubled the size of the house.

There was an entire wall of glass doors, and skylights to boot. After a busy conference in Auckland, it was lovely to arrive at this home, filled with books and art and a pair of sweet spaniels.

But good grief – it got me thinking again about how and why New Zealand homes are so badly built. And what’s wrong with architects who fetishise form and disregard function.

This home was all looks and no brains.


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