28 August 2018 Stuff’s Hamish Mcneilly: Council confirms six-figure support of NZ’s second co-housing project

28 August 2018 by Jason Quinn
Excellent but brief article on an awesome multi-family project that is targeting the Certified Passive House standard. I remember being asked to estimate the work involved in certification and then being invited to a public talk on this project not realizing they were the same. It was pretty fun sitting there and hearing Catherine Spencer talk about the dramatic benefits to occupants and society of Passive House (Passivhaus). Still makes me smile.
“”The 4.95 hectare site features triple-glazed windows, centralised hot-water heat pump, electric car charger, children’s play area, tunnel house, gardens, and communal space.

“We have to change the way we live,” Spencer told councillors.

The multi-storey terraced units were designed to the German passivhaus (passive house) standard, effectively meaning they should be warmer and drier than new homes, and carbon neutral.””

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