2019 October 16 Stuff: ‘Heavy Burden’ Of Living In Mouldy And Damp Homes, Landlords Still Installing Insulation

16 October 2019 by Jason Quinn

“When the family bought their home, it was newly built. Over time, they saw mould on the ceiling and their roof began to leak, damaging their insulation. Their children began to have breathing problems and their home required constant maintenance.”

Installing a heat pump is likely to significantly dry out their home as it will be cheaper to open windows more. That said if they didn’t open the windows as well as heating more it wouldn’t help dry their home out. This article doesn’t say the non-profit also fixed the roof leaks but I’ve been told they would’ve addressed that prior to the heat pump being installed. I would highly recommend that continuous ventilation (a simple and quiet extract would be enough) be added but until this is added to the building code folks will ignore it.

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