24 July 2001 The National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS): a resource for assessing exposure to environmental pollutants

10 December 2018 by Jason Quinn

Many speakers talk about how much time we spend indoors when they talk about how important indoor air quality is and they seldom take the time and reference source of references. So I thought I’d point out this very technical reference to the amount of time spent indoors was a survey done in the United States. It’s been done quite often and it’s a statistically valid study in the study found that 87 percent of adults adults spend 87 percent of time indoors and the other 6 percent of their time in enclosed vehicles. Of course the implications of this study is that that’s the average. So if you think if you’ve got friends who work outdoors all day because they’re out on the farm block then you probably are spending more than ninety three percent of your time either in a building or a vehicle making the indoor air quality in your home. Extraordinarily important.

“A time budget is conceptually similar to a person’s money budget in that it summarizes the amount of time an individual spends in each of many activities over some time period (e.g., a day or a week).”

“The importance of activity pattern data has increased with the realization that many types of exposure to environmental pollutants occur indoors and stem, in large part, from indoor pollutant sources such as cigarettes”

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