30 November 2018 NZ Herald: How to spot a healthy home

30 November 2018 by Jason Quinn

Looking for insulation in the purchase of a new home is an excellent idea and looking for bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans is even more critical. Unfortunately this is not sufficient as we are seeing brand new homes that clearly meet all of these recommendations and are still having mould issues.

We would suggest having continuous mechanical ventilation with a fixed heating source like a heat pump at a minimum. Any mould is a cause for concern and fixed so it doesn’t come back – not just cleaned.

“A house that’s hard to heat can make you sick and miserable”

“Lampen-Smith says it’s important to watch out for dampness, like musty smells, damp or mouldy wardrobe contents, mould forming behind paintings or furniture, or mould or watermarks on ceilings or walls.”

Content by NZ Herald.

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