24 July 2019 NZ Doctor: Bridging the gap with Healthy Homes

24 July 2019 by Jason Quinn
Not sure I’d consider Wellington or Rotorua any more damp than Christchurch or Auckland in the winter. Much of NZ is nearly 100% RH in the winter for at least part of the day – which is why ventilation AND heating is required for health.
“It’s great to see the Ministries working on this,” says Letitia. “Our mission is to reduce hospitalisations for respiratory conditions by 20% by 2022. Poor housing conditions contribute in no small part to these hospitalisations, so this Bill aligns well with the outcomes we want for New Zealanders; that’s why we also submitted on it.”
Letitia acknowledges the frustration of clinicians when it comes to unhealthy home environments.
“There can be a sense of futility among health professionals in treating people for respiratory conditions if, when they’re treated, they’re put right back into the environment that worsened the illness in the first place,” says Letitia. “This is particularly problematic in areas of high humidity, and among iwi. We hear this all the time, and it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.
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