ALL certified PH builds in NZ have been written up

20 October 2021 by Jason Quinn

Here’s a handy short cut to case studies on all certified Passive House projects in New Zealand to date. will take you to the Sustainable Engineering website’s case study section. 

All the way back to #1 …

The case study initiative began with my book, Passive House for New Zealand, in 2019, which included case studies up to the award-winning Kowhai House. Once the case studies (and the book) were published online, we committed to continuing to feature each new project. This is part of SEL’s service to our clients who choose to certify and for the benefit of the industry. 

We know people find these useful and the builders and designers (and homeowners) are proud to see their work and vision applauded. Please understand that it takes a lot of work and thus money to produce these. There are a lot of facts and details to double-check! 

You are most welcome to deep link to specific case studies or to the top link (either or But the case studies are copyright and may not be copied and re-published on websites or social media etc. This applies to all the content, including photographs. Architects or homeowners often kindly allow us to reuse their photographs but we gain specific permission for every image for use on our website only. As anyone who has ever tracked down permissions, it takes a lot of time.

We also have a frequently updated map for all the existing certified Passive House projects, plus projects in progress that have certification contracts in place. There are so many projects I need to make the locator icon smaller. To protect the privacy of homeowners, the locations are approximate.

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