Energy-efficient homes sell for more in Aus If you ever want to sell, that is.

16 August 2022 by Jason Quinn

“Australia’s energy-efficient houses are commanding premium prices, with buyers spending 17 per cent more to get into a sustainable home.”

That’s the Sydney Morning Herald leading its article with a punch. It goes on to say, 

“Energy-efficient homes attract more buyer interest, sell faster, and fetch higher prices, a new report shows, and the median price for a sustainable house outstripped the median for its non energy-efficient counterpart by $125,000.”

The actual study results were a little more nuanced but the researchers claim to have controlled for other factors. It found that for all the comparisons measured, the more efficient homes sold for more than the comparable homes.

Caveat: this research is very Australian focused, and concentrated on things like house orientation, shading, ventilation, solar panels and rainwater harvesting. But it fits with data from other sources. See this report from last year, also from Australia and data from the US, which I commented on extensively in 2020.

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