Homeschooling resources (for adults and kids)

30 April 2020 by Jason Quinn

Homeschooling resources (for adults and kids)

At-home learning seems set to continue for a while; for those raising the next generation of building geeks/scientists/informed homeowners, here are some resources that might be useful, compiled by the UK Passivhaus Trust:

“Shout-out to all the parents and guardians entertaining and expanding pupils’ minds at home. Many within the construction industry and science sectors are rising to the challenge of providing home-learning teaching resources and activities for primary and secondary school children; including lesson plans, handouts and videos.”

Here is their page with a list of (mostly free) resources for a wide range of knowledge levels (including curious adults!).

And if you want an alternative to reading the latest Covid-19 stats, the  Trust’s “Getting Started” page has an epic set of guides for Passive House designers and clients.

—30 April 2020

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