‘Worlds Apart’ graphic depicts future pathways

16 August 2021 by Jason Quinn

I spend most of my waking hours focused on improving the performance of the buildings: for the sake of the humans who live, work and play within them and for the future of the planet they stand on. It wasn’t easy walking through this with my son this morning, but it felt important. And a way to explain why I do the work I do.

Stepping back and looking at it from a geek perspective, some superb thinking has gone into depicting this information so clearly in this graphical format. The bathtub analogy is brilliant.

Share it widely wherever you think it will make a difference.

Based on three story lines of possible worlds resulting from different mitigation options: Cross-Chapter Box 8 in Chapter 3 of Impacts of 1.5°C of Global Warming on Natural and Human Systems, IPCC 2018. Created by John Lang in collaboration with IPCC lead authors Sonia Seneviratne and Joeri Rogel.

Original full resolution graphic.


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