Join US expert on marketing PH to homeowners Zoom seminar bring international expertise to NZ/AU audience

22 April 2021 by Jason Quinn

I’m looking forward to this seminar on how to effectively market Passive House and encourage those working on and designing Passive Houses to attend.

This Zoom seminar is hosted by the Passive House Academy New Zealand on 29 June 2021 at 11am. It features John Oppermann, a US real estate agent (and executive director of the Earth Day Initiative), who leads seminars on this topic at NYU.

From the seminar description:

“A pitch that includes too much technical jargon or a heavy emphasis on future environmental impact has the effect of steering the average consumer away, as many choose to stick with what they know. Keep it simple and focus on the direct benefits that Passive House brings to home owners, including a greater degree of comfort, health and resilience, and we will start to see the market shift.

‘We have an opportunity to increase overall demand for Passive House if we talk more about what the average person cares deeply about when looking for a home,’ says John. ‘I, like many in the industry, am guilty of talking too much about what I care about, which is environmental sustainability. What we should focus on is what the average person cares about: a comfortable home, premium materials, luxury features, a healthy space for their family, value retention, and an overall high-quality home.’”

For more about John Opperman, you can read this interview with him here or a profile here. Here’s a link to a US version of this seminar.

John will be joined on the Zoom call by Shelley Creswell (marketing, eHaus), who will add local context.

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