Just a matter of time Blenheim builders doing their bit to lift housing standards

27 January 2023 by Jason Quinn

I’ve always said: once you’ve lived in a certified Passive House home, you wouldn’t settle for anything less. I’d better change that to ‘once you’ve lived or worked…’ because these motivated young builders at the top of the south live in an old villa but work in a certified LEB office. They built it in part to demonstrate to clients what high-performance looks and feels like. 

Mark and his construction team are intent on changing the way great homes are built in Blenheim. They invited me to come and speak to representatives from local building companies and architecture firms last year and I was impressed at the level of community interest and support. 

The journalist who wrote this story liked my comment about how it’s just a matter of time before all new buildings are as good as the certified Passive House standard. Fairfield Construction is certainly going to be among those making it happen.

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