More options in SEL window specs database Makes for faster and easier design and energy modelling

17 July 2022 by Toby Brooke

More window manufacturers and suppliers have supplied data to populate Sustainable Engineering’s window specifications database. Passive House designers can now find specs for timber windows manufactured here in New Zealand by Optimal Windows and uPVC windows from Stärke

We’re delighted to report both these suppliers have included sliding door data, which as Passive House designers know, is notoriously difficult to find.

Remember, if you use the exact name as it appears in the database and the correct values in your PHPP file, you do not have to provide the material data sheet for the windows/doors when you submit the project to us for certification.

As noted previously, it is extremely valuable to have window data at your fingertips at the earliest stages of design. That way you can compare options, see how it impacts both performance and budget and specify the best windows for the job. Plus there’s no need to overcompensate on wall or roof insulation, for instance, in order to leave some margin or be forced into expensive rework of plans because the windows underperform your estimate. 

When the data that must be entered into the PHPP file at your fingertips is in our database, it is much easier and faster to find the windows that work for any given project. If you have a favoured supplier whose products are not yet included, let them know about our project and give them a nudge to provide us with the data.

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