New video focuses on Fletcher’s LowCO project

10 November 2022 by Jason Quinn

It’s not often our work features in video format so it was fun to see Newsroom cover the LowCO (low-carbon) homes by Fletcher Living. Sustainable Engineering has been involved with this project for the past two years, working on the embodied carbon modelling and consulting on the finer points of energy modelling. Some novel questions have emerged! For instance, we’ve had to consider how to handle rainwater tanks inside the thermal envelope.

It’s been great to be part of this enthusiastic group that actually has the ability already to build low-carbon homes at scale. I love working on unique certified Passive House projects but being able to build every-person homes is game changing. Nicola Tagiston, head of sustainability at Fletcher Living, has been the force behind this project. I’m glad to see it being recognised for the shift in perspective it offers.

The project also featured in a lengthy Newsroom article in June and more recently, a podcast hosted by the same author, Nikki Mandow. 

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