Okanagan College Daycare

16 April 2019 by Jason Quinn

Childcare centres in New Zealand often run up fairly high energy bills; Diverting ongoing budget that would be better spent on staff. This forward thinking building sets the standard for indoor air quality, thermal comfort and low running costs. We can and should do this in NZ.

“Certified by the Passive House Institute in October, the Okanagan College childcare centre is a Silver finalist for the Canadian Home Builders Association – Central Okanagan’s 2018 Tommie Awards in the category of Best Environmental Initiative in Construction (Residential or Commercial).

“The centre has piqued interest for its innovation in sustainable construction. The 4,000 square foot ( 400 sqm) facility is the first certified Passive House childcare centre in Canada, one of the country’s first non-residential Passive House buildings, and uses 80-90 per cent less energy than a standard child care facility.”

Content by Passive House Canada.

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