The future of Kiwi architecture is more Certified Passive House

1 March 2020 by Jason Quinn

Article by Colleen Hawkes for Stuff

What will define Kiwi architecture in the 2020s?

” And what does the future hold? In a nutshell, we can expect to see more certified Passive Houses that reduce energy needs to almost zero, more sustainable materials and design, greater use of solar power, more prefabrication, lots of different housing options – and an increase in smaller, low-maintenance homes.”

Obviously I agree on the future being Certified Passive House level of performance but I really like the emphasis on timber construction whether that is Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels or a high-performance version of our current timber-framed buildings. Once you reduce ongoing emissions by achieving Certified Passive House level of performance the next step is to reduce embodied energy by focusing on timber and using as little concrete and steel as possible.

— 1 March 2020

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