2019 October 21 Passive House Institute : Two New Zealand Window Manufacturers Win Certified Component Awards At The International Passive House Conference (China 2019)

21 October 2019 by Jason Quinn

I was happy to accept the TWO awards for Thermadura (Dunedin) and SEDA (Auckland) for their certified timber aluminium window systems. This is an incredibly competitive event and I was proud NZ manufactures scored two out of the four awards for the warm, temperate climate.

Details of the competition and links below:

“The 1st Prize Timber Aluminium in warm, temperate climate was awarded to smartwin compact by Daimaru Kogyo (Japan), Blumer Lehman (China) and SEDA (New Zealand).”



“The Special Prize Economy was awarded to NatureLine90 passive by ThermaDura, New Zealand. The jury outlined the high quality of craftsmanship and practicability of window and window installation. Compared to a traditional, poor quality New Zealand wooden window, NatureLine has lower investment costs.”



Read more about the competition on this link.

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